Design for Zero Waste gets People Powered.

Let’s design waste out of our bins!  Over the summer here at the People’s Design Lab we have been gathering ideas about how to design out waste.

We held our conference in Coventry on 12 September and brought together experts in waste, design and manufacturing with every day consumers who are just trying to do their bit. Working together we are trying to create change for good through zero waste design.

Over the summer our workshops at Cranfield and Loughborough Universities brought together people who understand design and us folk who just care about waste. Karen Cannard of The Rubbish Diet and Ugo Vallauri of Restart were there to help us create new solutions!

More than 1000 people voted to find the most frustrating waste creating products. The three “winning” products are the inkjet printer, black plastic packaging on food and excess hard plastic packaging.

As finalists in the Nesta Waste Reduction Challenge, we are now busy writing up our findings and our final report which we will share with you soon.

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