Inkjet printers – solving the ink cartridge problem – what do you think?

One of the ideas emerging from the workshop in Cranfield was a solution to the waste from inkjet printer cartridges. 

The problem: We use an estimated 100 million ink cartridges a year in the UK, each one taking about 70 ml of oil to make and lasting 2.5 months. Less than one third can be reused/reprocessed and they’re made of mixed resin which is hard to recycle.

Our first idea for a solution:  A universal ink cartridge, which is interchangeable between printers and can be easily refilled.    Clearly there are issues with this as the economics of printers appear to be based on cheap printer, expensive proprietary ink.   Click here to hear Ugo Valleri from Restart talking about the issues.

cartridge redesign sketch

What do you think and how would you solve this problem?  We can feed your ideas into the next workshop at Loughborough

One thought on “Inkjet printers – solving the ink cartridge problem – what do you think?

  1. andrew

    I think it’s a really good idea but unfortunately there is no way Epson, Canon, HP or any other printer manufacturer will go for this. There is too much money involved plus some of the companies mentioned have a patient to stop people refilling ink cartridges with ink, so if they are stooping to this level then there is no chance of a universal cartridge.


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