The Peoples Design Lab – Behind the scenes

During the summer of 2013 the People’s Design Lab gathered ideas about how to design waste out of our bins, engaging more than 1000 people across the Uk in conversation, collaboration and redesign.

Over the summer our workshops at Cranfield and Loughborough Universities then brought together people who understand design and others who just cared about waste to work on our top three “winning” products for redesign; the inkjet printer, black plastic packaging on food and excess hard plastic packaging. Karen Cannard of The Rubbish Diet and Ugo Vallauri of Restart were there to help us create new solutions!

We then held a conference in Coventry that brought together experts in waste design and manufacturing alongside members of the general public and were awarded as finalists in the Nesta Waste Reduction Challenge. Only by working together can we create change for good through zero waste design.

We had such a positive response and experience ( not without learnings and recommendations and improvements to be made), we are now looking at how to develop the model even further as well as taking some of our findings and products further in the redesign process!

Interested, ideas, support, funding? We’d love to hear from you

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