The results are in! The Award Winners and what happens next

Since April we have been collecting your nominations and votes for wasteful products that you would like to see designed out. And from the 136 nominations we are proud to announce the  first ever People’s Design Lab Awards Winners.

inkjet printer

  • First up the Weakest Link Award for stuff you thought would last a long time, but ended up in your bin the winner is.. inkjet printers


black plastic tray

For the Bin Again Award for products that you throw away time and again the winner is…  black plastic packaging



  • In the The Russian Doll Award for Unnecessary packaging the winner is excess hard plastic packaging


And in the Award for other products needing a redesign the winner was electronic chargers

The People’s Design Lab is also about celebrating the positive and we are delighted to announce the winner of the first People’s Design Lab award for Zero Waste design is.. Co-oproduct . This is a fantastic open-source library of things you can make reusing “waste” materials.  Everything from speakers from PET bottles to lights from bike spokes.

Now the Awards have been made, the fun of redesign is just beginning.  Add your ideas and thoughts about these products and ways to improve them, reduce their impact or design them out altogether to our on-line discussions here or on our facebook page 

Join us on 9th July at Cranfield University, Milton Keynes to find new solutions for the Award Winners –  those products you said drive you nuts because they end up in our bins –  stuff that’s unrecyclable, built to break or not economic to repair.    Please click here to register or here for more details.  Everyone is welcome –  you don’t need to know about design to contribute, you just need to care about waste.

Other dates for your diary   –  our 2nd workshop where we refine our designs 13th August, Loughborough University and our conference on 12th September, Coventry where we’ll pull the whole thing together and look more strategically at how we can create a strong people’s voice to stop poor design filling our bins.

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