Throwaway Britain – ITV Tonight programme, Thursday, 1st August 9pm

Don’t miss ITV’s Tonight  programme on Throwaway Britain – this Thursday, 1st August at 9pm. The programme investigates what happens to the millions of tonnes of rubbish the public throws away annually and how it could be reduced. Students working with the Lab had their own  close encounter with why stuff gets thrown away when they helped Cwm Harry sort through one tonne of waste for an audit.

Cornelia said “that the thing that shocked me the most was, that it seemed more like a people than a design problem. Especially thinking of all the things that would be so easy to recycle and still end up in the bin or all the unopened perfectly fine packaged food that goes to landfill. And I had no idea how much waste nappies cause, which definitely needs a better solution!” 

Filipa added “One thing that I am likely to change is the use of kitchen paper, really unnecessary and I saw it a lot in the waste audit. Also it is very annoying seen so many films used as packaging for food that cannot be recycled or re-used.”

One thought on “Throwaway Britain – ITV Tonight programme, Thursday, 1st August 9pm

  1. Zilch UK

    The recycling card is one that might be worth playing when trying to people not to litter but our suspicion is that those who litter care so little about the environment and are to some extent exhibiting defiant behaviour that it would make no difference.

    Reducing and reusing should however be the first two actions, in that order. Only then should we consider recycling – the least efficient of the three!


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