Trust Is Not A Waste

We’ve teamed up with an exciting new global initiative and event called the Open Source Circular Economy days running from June the 11th to 15th (but it will also be a lasting collaboration platform). With our friends The Rubbish Diet we had the opportunity to put forward a possible challenge that could be contributed to online, in a community forum and offline during a weekend design workshop.

Trust is not a waste 

“We need an empowered public, awakened and educated to make pro-environmental choices, who can purchase circular designs through proper information on purchasing, product/ system choices, life extension routines and disposal.”

The OSCEdays London team invites us and you to take part in the first Open Source Circular Economy days (OSCEdays) 2015, a global design challenge on open source circular economy.

  • Open Source: This was originally referring to computer software development but now encompasses wider approaches and underlying ethos around sharing, collaboration and documentation and can be applied to products, hardware, designs, policy, standards, data and more

You can hear more about it from Lars and Sam, part of the OSCE days team in Berlin

  • Circular Economy: This term is around looking at better design and business models that prevent or produce less waste via designing in considerations for throughout the product’s life cycle that may increase product lifetime, enable repair and maintenance, provide modular design, can be reused, shared, rented. loaned, disassembled or recycled. Doing this would change current linear focused economic models of business, make, sell, use dispose to more circular, considering the end of life and greater responsibilities in the market.

So….. when looking at Open Source Circular Economy – this is about exploring how the principles of Open Source can help to support and facilitate many of the changes needed to move to more circular design or economy; enabling better understanding  and collaboration between stakeholders in a supply chain or systems, knowledge flows of materials and what can be done with them, more access to repair or upgrade through replacement parts suppliers, greater understanding of our recycling system through more open and transparent measurement and translation into effective communication methods……

City_London- JenniOttilieKeppler -CC-BY-SA-4.0The London event will be held at the Fab Lab London from the 12th to 14th of June. It’s open to all; designers, coders, data scientists, engineers, campaigners, policy makers, waste & resource industry and many more. You can sign-up to join here.

WORKSHOPS-JenniOttilieKeppler- CC-BY-SA -4.0

It’s a chance to participate in a grassroots global event using open source principles to build a circular economy alongside challenge setters and supporters such as The Great Recovery, Open Energy Monitor, The Rubbish Diet,  Cleanweb UK and ourselves.

With more than 35 cities taking part, from Shenzhen to Cairo, Lome to Berlin, Nijmegen to Kuala-Lumpur, simultaneously participating on locally identified challenges, there will be opportunities to connect and share knowledge around open source and the circular economy. You can even get started and meet the global community on the open OSCEdays platform.

It’s supported by great communities and organisations around the world, including the UK-based Knowledge Transfer Network, who recognise the principles of openness and collaboration as important elements of a circular economy. This is a chance to join the OSCEdays community and put ideas into action, to learn, share and collaborate with like-minded people all over the world!

We’re looking forward to seeing the results!



Twitter: @OSCEdays / #OSCEdays

Facebook Group: Open Source Circular Economy Days

Images Jenni Ottilie Keppler (CC-BY-SA-4.0)