So what’s the problem with black plastic packaging you ask?

Well, it’s darn hard to recycle. It can’t be handled by most plastics sorting plants therefore ends up in our landfills and incinerators. Plastic packaging plant can sort plastics into their different types using infrared sensors. But black plastic packaging contains the pigment carbon black which means the sensors can’t tell what type of plastic it is and it ends up as a reject for disposal. With 30 – 60,000 Tonnes used every year this is a big issue.

Now add to this that we buy more of a product if it’s in black rather than any other colour – one retailer estimates 15% more – we have an interesting problem on our hands. Is there a better way of making us see a product as prestige? Why do we need all this packaging anyway? Join the debate – help find new solutions!

Join us on-line on our redesign forum or at our workshop on 9th July, where we’ll be unpicking all the award winners – black plastic packaging, inkjet printers, the hard plastic that entombs stuff we buy and electronic chargers. You don’t need to know about design to contribute – you just need to care about waste!

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