Economic benefits of circular economy a cool £460 million

The economic case for Zero Waste design and production is building. The Ellen McArthur Foundation’s latest analysis  shows that the adoption of the circular economy could be worth as much as £460 billion in consumer goods material savings alone, and also highlights added benefits in terms of land productivity and potential job creation. In the UK alone the following opportunities were identified from implementing Zero Waste solutions:

  • Household food waste: An income stream of £1 billion could be generated annually in the UK  from generation of e biogas and nutrients for agricultural soils
  • Textiles: Revenue of £1,300 per tonne of clothing could be generated in the UK if collected, remade, and sold, comfortably outweighing the cost of £450 required to collect and sort each tonne
  • Packaging: A cost reduction of 20 per cent per hectolitre of beer sold to consumers would be possible across all markets by shifting from disposable to reusable glass bottles, which would lower the cost of packaging, processing, and distribution

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