If you have a question not covered here, please drop us a line using the contact us box and we’ll add it in here in due course.

How do I join The People’s Design Lab?

To join please just register in our nomination zone by clicking the nominate button.  You can nominate products for a redesign or for the best design Award.  The first round of nominating and voting closes on 27th May, when we’ll ask you to pick the People’s Design Lab Awards winners.  Then from June till August we’ll work out how the waste could be designed out of these products.

Why when I nominate does it take me to Ideascale?

Ideascale  is a system designed to allow people to share their ideas, nominate and vote –  just perfect for allowing us all to share ideas at The People’s Design Lab.

What happens after I nominate?

After you nominate, your ideas are put on the site for everybody else to view, vote and comment on.   The top voted products will be given the People’s Design Lab Awards in June and we’ll get rethinking between June and August.     It can take as much as two years for a redesign to get into production so we may not see immediate effects.  But in September we’ll be inviting you to join us at a conference to shape the long term future of The People’s Design Lab.  As you sign in you can request to get automatic  feedback on your nominations.

How do I upload a picture or file?

Ideascale doesn’t allow you to upload photos while you nominate.  You have to complete your nomination first nominate your product >submit it> then there is a button marked attach file underneath your post> click here and upload the picture or file.

What happens if there already is a more generic/more specific nomination that covers something I want to nominate?

Generic nominations like “toasters” are just fine!   Infact, we’re looking at benchmarking whole product ranges so that we can show the effect of the best design features on waste right across the product lifecycle. So please consider first whether the discussion could be adequately covered by existing nominations, but do put it in as a new nomination if you think it isn’t.