Have your say! Nominate those products that drive you mad!

What do you have to throw away that really needs to be redesigned?    Is it non recyclable packaging,  stuff that seems to break before you’ve started using it, equipment that you can’t repair.

Now’s your chance to nominate that product for a redesign.   If it is the top voted product in its Award category then you can be part of the process of finding new solutions.  We’ll find out why its made that way, what the impacts are and put the full power of the Lab collective into trying to find ways of redesigning the product, its economics or the way we consumers think about it to get new solutions.

So later this summer, you could be sitting down with manufacturers who make the product,  designers, students, fixperts and people from all walks of life who care about waste creating new ways forward.  Click that nominate button and join us to build a new movement for change!

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