Our Awards Categories Explained

We’re inviting you to nominate and vote for products which you think need a redesign or which represent good design.  Your votes will decide which products get The People’s Design Lab Awards.    The first round of nominations and voting will close on 29th May when we’ll invite you to vote on which of the finalists should win an Award.

There are five categories:

  •  The Weakest Link Award for Products You Thought Would Last a Long Time, but broke and then couldn’t be fixed. Maybe these items are impossible to open or take apart without inflicting terminal damage to the product, or it could be that spares just aren’t available. Take, for example, affordable headphones, which break easily and are very hard, if not impossible, to fix. That’s a nomination for the Weakest Link.
  • The Bin Again Award for Stuff You Throw Away Week After Week. What is it that you keep throwing in the bin? Black food packaging traysmulti-layer envelopespump dispensers, baby wipes? The purpose of this award for disposables is to highlight and find solutions for products that are frustratingly designed for limited use. Can they not be made out of recycled material?  Is there no alternative already available or waiting to be developed?
  • The Russian Doll Award for Unnecessary Packaging. We’ve all seen these products that need a packaging makeover. Maybe they have too many different materials or are made of non-recyclable materials? If you are frustrated about the packaging around a product or have a great idea for alternative packaging to propose, then this is the place to share it. Don’t be shy; let’s out pre-peeled re-wrapped bananascereal packets whose plastic packaging and cardboard boxes are only 3/5 full, crisps and biscuit packagingdead space in pharmaceutical products, and other ridiculous examples of unnecessary packaging in our wasteful society.
  • Award for all Other Products Needing A Redesign. If your nomination does not fit any of these categories, just submit it here! Small electronic chargers for example, just need to be re-designed. Why do they all have to be so different? So incompatible?  Share your frustrations with People’s Lab and join forces to rethink these products.
  • Ultimately, it’s time to champion zero waste design.  So The People’s Lab also asks for nominations for the Best Zero Waste Design to celebrate the many ground-breaking innovations that are already being developed. See for example  reusable carpet tiles, or the ARA Chair, the first chair to achieve full Cradle to Cradle accreditation.

Better Zero Waste Design is just a click away!


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