Packaging Gone Crazy? Vote it Out with The Russian Doll Award!

Whilst packaging can be good, what about those products that drive you mad because the layers of film or polystyrene seem to have been breeding?  Maybe they have too many different materials or are made of non-recyclable materials? Vote them out by nominating them for  The Russian Doll Award. Share your great idea for alternative packaging. Don’t be shy; let’s out pre-peeled re-wrapped bananascereal packets whose plastic packaging and cardboard boxes are only 3/5 full, crisps and biscuit packagingdead space in pharmaceutical products, and other ridiculous examples of unnecessary packaging in our wasteful society.

Have your say –  it only takes a minute to register and then you can nominate and vote for the products the Lab community will redesign over the summer.   By joining the Lab you get connected to designers,  scientists, fixperts and manufacturers.  Together, we can unpick the problems and find solutions for achieving Zero Waste.

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