Redesign the most disposable IT product in the UK – the inkjet printer

Nominated by Ugo Vallauri of Restart,  inkjet printers have been reported as the most disposable IT product in the UK. Come to our workshop on 9th July and join Ugo in redesigning the inkjet printer!

Inkjet printers are a worthy winner of our Weakest Link Award as Ugo’s nomination explains  “Everyone sooner or later becomes frustrated with inkjet printers, for five main reasons:

(1) cartridges are meant to last as little as possible,

(2) refilling them is really complicated, while it should be a no-brainer,

(3) often people are cheated into printing using all colours when they just want to print black text,

(4) when headers get dirty, there are no easy ways to clean them,

(5) spare parts are often more expensive than buying a new printer.

The Restart Project has helped many people revive their inkjet printers, but we think a different, durable, easy to maintain and refill printer should be designed. Let’s make it happen!”

At the workshop we’ll be looking at all these technical issues but also the economics of printing, the effect that inkjets have on our printing behavior and how well they survive operating system upgrades on our computers.    Join us to turn that frustration into new solutions!

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