The Disposable Culture – It’s in Our Hands

We need more than a technical redesign.  A lot of the stuff that ends up in our bins again and again is more to do our culture  –  alternatives exist, but we don’t use them:  cotton wool pads or baby wipes instead of a flannel;  tampons instead of a reuseable mooncup. We need to unpick the behaviour and systems that create this waste.

Finalists for the Bin Again Award were  pump dispensers,  black food packaging traysmulti-layer envelopes.  We’re just counting the votes for the overall Award winners and will be announcing them early next week.  The Award Winners will be redesigned over the summer.  Come join us at our first workshop on 9th July at Cranfield University, Milton Keynes. 

Let’s clean this lot out of our bins!

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