What happens next at the People’s Design Lab!

We’re just counting up the votes and will announce our Award winners early next week.  In the running from the 136 products nominated, the finalists with the highest votes were:

  • The Weakest Link Award for stuff you thought would last a long time, but ended up in your bin –  kettles, headphones and inkjet printers;
  • The Bin Again Award for products that you throw away time and again  – pump dispensers, multi-layer envelopes and black plastic packaging;
  • The Russian Doll Award for Unnecessary Packaging – dead space packaging, excess hard plastic packaging and polystyrene packaging on food.
  • The Anything Else that Needs a Redesign Award –  electronic chargers, multiple train tickets and unrepairable shoe soles; and to celebrate good design.
  • The Best Zero Waste Design Award –  reusable carpet tiles, open source designs for resuse and eco-laundry products.

We’ll be redesigning the Award winners over the summer –  you don’t need to be a designer to be able to contribute –  you just need to care about waste.  We have workshops running on 9th July at Cranfield University , 13th August at Loughborough and our conference on 12th September at Coventry.  Or you’ll be able to join in on-line when we open the forums next week.


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