Window envelopes, black packaging or pump dispensers – which is in your Bin Again?

Now you decide!  Here are the finalists for the Bin Again Award.  Just click to vote and decide which products we redesign over the summer?

The finalists,  the most popular of the 30 products nominated for the Bin Again Award,  are

  • Pump dispenser
  • Multi-layer envelopes
  • Black food packaging trays

Read on for the low down about why these products were nominated or just  vote and have your say!.

Pump Dispensers –  great gizmos why throw them away? As our nominatoPumpr said “Pump dispensers are great for delivering soap and other liquids. However, at

the end of life, even

though the bottles the liquids come in can usually be recycled, the dispensers themselves cannot because they are a blend of metal springs and plastics. Throwing these little mechanisms into landfill or incineration is such a waste.”


Next up are envelopes with address windows -so fiddly to recycle! , Our nominator said “Envelopes with plastic windows make the job of sending out lots of letters easier, however to recycle these I have to separate the plastic from the paper which takes time and effort, I believe that envelopes should be made from one material or we need to design a better way to send out post that doesn’t involve this process yet still saves time.”

Last but not least are black plastic food trays hard to recycle but apparently makes us think the product is high qualityThese trays are not easily recycled as they cannot be effectively separated from other plastic that they are collected alongside. 
black plasticThere is currently research looking at technical means of separating these trays, including embedding radio-frequency ID tags in the plastic or developing plastic that is black to the human eye but actually not black to the sorting machinery. However, wouldn’t the more common sense solution would be simply to not use black plastic as packaging? The supermarkets believe that the use of black packaging infers high quality produce and brings a marketing advantage. However, if they all agreed not to use or accept black plastic this would no longer be the case.

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